Planejamento sucessório

Succession planning
Aug 11th 2008
The Economist

The idea that finding a successor to the current chief executive of an organisation is a process that should be planned and executed methodically has gathered strength in recent years. It seems, however, to be one of those rare processes that get worse with practice. CEOs have been turning over like never before. One survey of American quoted companies calculated that every day in 2006 six CEOs left their job—either because they were sacked or because they jumped just before being sacked.

There are two types of literature on succession planning:

• That which looks at ways of finding a successor to the family (or small private) business. The difficulties here are usually linked to the incumbent/founder’s failure to take on board his own mortality, or his inability to tell his beloved second child that (after his death or retirement) there can be only one chief executive.

Geração R (recessão)

As Plants Close, Teenagers Focus More on College
NY Times
Published: June 25, 2009

WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio — In the tight-knit, middle-class communities surrounding Dayton, many members of the class of ’09 knew exactly what they would do when they grew up.

They would get a good-paying job at the General Motors factory or at one of the Delphi auto parts plants, get married and start families.

But the deep recession and the downsizing of American manufacturing have bulldozed those plans, leaving many of these young people confused and rudderless, with some contemplating a path that might be new to their families: college.

Resolvendo Conflitos em Empresas Familiares

BY: Bernard Liebowitz, PhD

Horror stories about conflict in the family-owned business outweigh reports about successful ones. If, in fact, there are more conflict-laden family businesses than otherwise, then why do family members choose to enter business together at all? Surely, easier and less bruising ways exist to earn a living. An underlying theme observed in family businesses that may provide an answer is that forming or entering such a firm is intended as a positive attempt to resolve long-standing family issues that may not otherwise or easily be resolvable. These conflicts usually appear in full regalia and drama during the process of succession. Numerous vignettes are presented to illustrate this theme, and suggestions as well as a point of view about intervention are offered.

Psicologia do Poder

Power corrupts, but it corrupts only those who think they deserve it.
Jan 21st 2010
The Economist

REPORTS of politicians who have extramarital affairs while complaining about the death of family values, or who use public funding for private gain despite condemning government waste, have become so common in recent years that they hardly seem surprising anymore. Anecdotally, at least, the connection between power and hypocrisy looks obvious.